the business exploded in 2021, sales of 2.5 billion

New form of market destined to have its say in the long run o bubble almost on the verge of exploding now? The opinions on the business related to NFT they are of a diametrically opposite nature and only time will prove one or the other faction right. What is certain is the surge in the proceeds generated by their creation and sale.

The growth of NFTs and the more expensive ones

Yet another testimony comes from the report shared by DappRadar (via Reuters, link at the end of the article): we talk about sales of $ 2.47 billion in the first half of 2021, divided roughly equally between the first and second quarters, respectively 1.23 and 1.24 billion. To better understand the extent of the growth, it is sufficient to mention that twelve months earlier, between January and June 2020, the turnover amounted to 13.7 million dollars.

A direct consequence of the interest generated in this type of digital-only assets, assigned to buyers through a certificate of ownership based on blockchain.

These are some of the contents that have been on sale in recent months in the form of Non-Fungible Token and bought for millions:

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