the calculator and other tools are coming

Microsoft Edge is a browser chock full of interesting features, but apparently the “giant of Redmond” intends to offer an even wider range of features and tools. Recently, for example, tests have been started for thecontinuous import from Chrome and for close open tabs with double click. Over the last few hours, however, Microsoft communicated with a Microsoft 365 roadmap update that soon other useful tools will appear on the navigator, such as: one calculatorone speed test it’s a unit converter.

Microsoft Edge with calculator, speed test and unit converter

Barring delays and complications, the new tools should be implemented in Edge with updates of August and will be accessible from the sidebar browser that can be called up if necessary, as shown in the screenshot attached below.

Currently, the novelties can be experienced through the versione Canary 105 Edge, which also includes a world clock, dictionary and translator.

Note that as interesting as they may be, the countless features that Microsoft introduces in Edge aren’t actually always useful, or at least they aren’t every day and not for most users. They are so numerous that in some circumstances accessing the browser menus can be difficult. Their availability so rich and varied, however, saves those who use the now famous Redmond home browser the trouble of having to search, download and install third-party extensions to meet this or that other need.

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