The charger that solves the problems of photographers

Compatible with many Canon, Sony and Nikon models, Xtar Sn4 is a useful product to lighten and facilitate the work

Any chance to lighten the load that you have to carry around is something that is worth evaluating for a photographer. Natural, therefore, that a modular charger which allows you to avoid exhaustion and always have the batteries of the various cameras in use at full capacity can be quite convenient. Xtar Sn4 after all, it was born to do save space, time and money to lens lovers, as it supports major camera brands and promises to expand the range by adding more brands over time.

Compatible with the batteries of many Canon, Nikon and Sony models, the device allows you to insert four docks according to the need for recharging, it also has a display that shows the level of each battery being charged and is recharged with a usb-c cable. With its minimal dimensions (measuring 61.7 x 52.7 x 23.2 mm) it can be carried effortlessly in a backpack. And to attract more customers, the Chinese of Xtar have announced that they will add the support for Panasonic, Fujifilm, Panasonic, DJI and Olympus models. Those interested in being able to try the Xtar Sn4 charger, who he finds it at a price of approx 50 euro, with shipping costs included and deliveries scheduled starting in the next few weeks.

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