The cheapest electric car in the world costs 1700 euros

It comes from China, it is called electricKar K5 and is priced a little higher than the 512GB iPhone 12 Max

(Photo: electricKar)

Although it is not particularly attractive in terms of design and not at all fast when you press the accelerator to the maximum, the Chinese one ElectricKar K5 has conquered the headlines as it has become in effect thecheapest electric car in the world currently affordable, with a more than affordable price of approx 1700 euro To the change.

ElectricKar K5 (K5M-2500) therefore arrives on the catalog of the brand founded by the company Regal Raptor Motors with a more than basic technical data sheet. The propeller that moves it is from 800 watt, just enough for 66 km of autonomy and 40 km / h of maximum speed, relying on a 2.7 kWh battery with a rather slow charge that fills up in 8 hours. The quadricycle dimensions are ultra-compact, with 2.2 meters long, 1.09 meters wide and 1.62 meters high

ElectricKar K5 can accommodate up to two passengers and relies on more solid materials than some armored quadricycles seen in recent years and more similar to children’s cars, such as the infamous Chang Li (with a price even under 1000 euros) practically unusable in everyday life. Right now there is a lot of excitement in China about electric mobility and one of the most active brands is Niohere our test of the Es8 – ready to expand also on western markets.

The cost of ElectricKar K5 at home – moreover on the Alibaba portal – is the equivalent of 1700 euro that is just a little more than Apple asks for the version with larger memory (512 gb) of the iPhone 12 Max, 1639 euros, and about four times less than the low-cost electric car on the European market, Citroën Ami. Will it ever arrive in Italy? Difficult, above all due to European regulations that are very different from those of China and if it ever happens it is very unlikely that it will maintain the same assessment of the Chinese market.

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