The colorful Argentine lake Mar Chiquita seen from space

One of the most important salt lakes on the planet spied from above by ESA satellites reveals its enormous biological variety

It is a blue gem set in the heart of Argentina, and it is called Mar Chiquita (from Spanish: small sea) even if it is a lake. The probes give us a glimpse of it Sentinel ESA, constantly connected to give us a picture of the health of our planet and help us understand how it evolves.

Recognized as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, the bulk salt lake the protagonist of the shot – as well as one of the largest landlocked water basins on the planet – is the home of dozens and dozens of animal species, with at least 25 varieties of fish that reproduce there and play a key role in the subsistence of the whole region thanks to fishing.

Let’s discover the secrets behind the colors of this panorama with this video, one of the many released by the program Earth from Space of the European Space Agency.

(Image and video credit: Esa)

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