the design development phase is underway

Recently he started talking again of the Apple Glassthe glasses for augmented reality that the Cupertino giant has been in the pipeline for some time now and which presumably had been set aside by the company to make room for visore AR/VR. In this regard, with a note by Jeff Pu intended for investors and not publicly disclosed, some details have recently been provided that clarify the ideas about the state in which the device is and the next steps of Apple for the development of the product.

Apple Glass: first prototype by the end of the year, launch in 2024

More precisely, the design phase of Apple Glass is finally come alive and it is reasonable to expect that a prototype of the glasses may be ready already a end of the year. All the 2023 it will then be used for refine and improve the product, before it can reach the mass production a 2024 forwarded.

Jeff Pu has also released some technical details, letting it be known that Apple Glass will adopt the waveguide technology is that Corning e Hoya are already evaluating i first samples of glass that will be adopted on the device. In this preliminary phase, however, the largest number of components for the prototypes should be provided by Luxshare.

Note that Jeff Pu’s report also talks about iPhone 15 Pro. Reportedly, Development of the periscope zoom camera is continuing and will make its debut next year, but at the moment it is not clear if it will be made available on both Pro versions of the “iPhone by” or only on the Max one. In any case, Lantethe main supplier of prisms for the periscope, appears to be gradually improving its production capacity.

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