the e-commerce giant fell and stood up

In Italy few noticed it, before the country woke up after yesterday’s celebrations for the victory of Euro 2020, but thee-commerce of Amazon fell at dawn. A down lasted an hour or so, according to the reports collected, which stopped shopping all over the world.

Amazon e-commerce has slipped into the night

The confirmation of what happened comes directly from the Seattle company, with a statement that refers to temporary problems, now fully resolved. Below is a translated form of the official statement entrusted to the editorial staff of Reuters.

Some users may have temporarily experienced problems while shopping. We have solved them and now everything works as usual.

As always, the site Downdetector returns a rather faithful photograph of what happened: the infrastructure cloud on which it rests store online it turned out to be unreachable from around 4:30 onwards.

The reasons for the malfunction. This is the second down in the last few weeks: the previous one, at the end of June, put the virtual assistant offside Alexa and the catalog of contents of the Prime Video platform.

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