The electric car becomes the engine of the Milanese Design Week

From 5 to 27 September, in via della Spiga 26, Audi City Lab, the hub of the four rings, opens its doors to the public with an exclusive setting created by Marcel Wanders studio

Audi City Life | A6 e-tron Concept | Design Week

Design Week e Audi have been a combination for the past 7 years. Since 2014 (if you skip thedose horribilis del Covid), in fact, the brand of the four rings is co-producer of INTERNAL magazine in the realization of the exhibition event organized for FuoriSalone, which this year celebrates the 30th year of the event. An event that wants to be a symbol of restart for the city of Milan.

Audi City Lab over the years

After the initial editions of the Audi City Lab in via Montenapoleone, Audi lights directed by the skilful direction of Ingo Maurer illuminated the historic Torre Velasca, offering the city an unprecedented landscape. Corso Venezia 11, on the other hand, hosted the Audi City Lab in the 2017/2018 editions. Here i artistic masterpieces by Yuri Suzuki before, and of Studio Mad Architects then, they interpreted the brand of the four rings according to their stylistic codes. The 2019 edition saw the Arco della Pace as protagonist with the installation of the futurist station ofarchitect Hani Rashid. A project made even more engaging by the live performance open to the public of the master Ludovico Einaudi.

Audi City Life | A6 e-tron Concept | Design Week
Audi City Life | A6 e-tron Concept | Design Week

Spiga 26, the new sustainability district

From 5 to 27 September, Audi will open the space to the city of Milan Spiga 26. In the heart of the fashion district, Spiga 26 is the urban regeneration project of Hines, player globally active in real estate. The purpose of the operation – literally in the open air – is to recover the historic Palazzo Pertusati from the end of the 18th century to transform it into a unique space. At the base of everything will be the contamination between fashion, business, design, culture and food. Spiga 26, a place characterized by attention to sustainability, is proposed as a new metropolitan district of creativity.

An exchange center between innovation, culture, inspiration and influence. A location perfect to host Audi City Lab: hub that will host stories and characters that embody the idea of ​​Audi progress to celebrate new perspectives and ideas about the future. The mobility of tomorrow, connected, digital and sustainable, is thus integrated into daily life, giving life to new and unexpected relationships. Together with Poliform and Moooi, Audi’s presence in the location Spiga 26, after the Design Week, will continue for throughout the month of September, also on the occasion of the further Milanese appointments scheduled. They will take place during MiArt / Art Week and Fashion Week.

The talk of 6 September on the idea of ​​progress

Design Week thus becomes the ideal place and time to investigate how innovation and evolution intersect. On the occasion of the Audi talk Inspired by progress, on 6 September ideas and interpretations that anticipate the future will take shape. Unpublished connections are expected, thanks to the interventions, among others, by the journalist Mario Calabresi, from Marc Lichte, head of design of Audi Ag, ed Henrik Wenders, Senior Vice President of Audi Ag. Audi will also be present at Talk Marcel Wanders e Gabriele Key, creative directors of Marcel Wanders studio.

Audi City Life | A6 e-tron Concept | Design Week
Audi City Life | A6 e-tron Concept | Design Week

Spiga 26 transforms the unfinished space as part of the exhibition-event Creative Connections In fact, Interni is precisely the Dutch design studio. Their installation Enlightening the Future tells the new frontiers of Audi research in an emotional way. Housed in the Audi City Lab, it makes light, technology and innovation the protagonists. Keywords whose inspiration comes from the various expressive and design forms with which Audi develops the theme of lighting and translates it into its cars. Here, through an immersive experience, the visitor can discover in first Italian Audi A6 e-tron concept, the high-end electric sedan presented at the Shanghai show last April.

The electric queens of Design Week

Audi A6 e-tron concept, avant-garde electric prototype with Sportback body, anticipates the stylistic features of future models high-end of the four rings. Characterized by the new PPE electric platform, it combines technical versatility, reference roominess, quattro all-wheel drive and 476 horsepower.

Audi City Life | A6 e-tron Concept | Design Week
Audi City Life | A6 e-tron Concept | Design Week

But the hub spaces will also host Audi RS e-tron GT. This electric touring car is manufactured at the sito carbon neutral Audi Böllinger Höfe. The state of the art in terms of technology: from the use of virtual reality to the recycling of plastic and aluminum without forgetting the processes carried out with craftsmanship. Developed by Audi Sport, the four-door coupe is the pinnacle of the sustainable evolution of Audi sportiness.

Moreover, for the whole period of the Design Week, the compact electric natives Audi Q4 e-tron e Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron will be exhibited along via Montenapoleone, thanks to the partnership with Montenapoleone District which for years has linked the House of the four rings to the fashion district. These three models are concrete examples of the Audi vision. They represent the brand’s ability to shape progress, keeping man and his future mobility needs at the center of research.

The lectio magistralis at Bocconi University

A presence at Design Week, that of Audi, which does not forget to reach out to the new generations. Their future is there reason why of the collaboration between Audi and an important excellence in the world of education and culture such as Bocconi University. In fact, a lectio magistralis held by Henrik Wenders. The theme of the meeting will deepen the synergistic relationship that exists between innovation, research and experimentation.

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