the excellent speaker returns to € 30, a surprise BOMB

Xiaomi produce one speaker audio Bluetooth which is a show. From design to performance, passing through water resistance and excellent energy autonomy. The good news today is that – somewhat muted – it’s back on super offer on Amazon: it take it for just € 30 with fast and free shipping, guaranteed by Prime services.

By now I know these promotions and I guarantee you one thing: usually, at a discounted price they leave a few pieces. If by opening the product page, it should no longer be discounted, unfortunately the promo will already be over.

Xiaomi: the super speaker is super discounted

Why him? It would be enough for me to suggest that you have faith in quality of the Chinese giant, but I prefer to explain to you thoroughly why you will love it.

I will start from design, which is sober, elegant and cared for in every detail. There is also the accommodation for the strap, if you want to hang it, but – above all – there is a series of very comfortable buttons. Through them you can manage the change of songs, the volume and even phone calls. Yes, phone calls: there is a microphone integrated, therefore – if you connect your smartphone in Bluetooth – you can also use this gem as speakerphone.

All nice, but quality and power? Just imagine: 16W of output power, practically impossible in this part of the piece. The average is 6 / 10W for competing products.

Finally, energy autonomy: use it anywhere up to 13 hours straight without having to use the charger! Have fun on the beach without hesitation: the device is also certified IPX7 and therefore does not fear contact with water.

In short, do not compromise with the quality, if you can save on the price. The excellent speaker Bluetooth di Xiaomi now it get 30 € on a surprise offer, directly from Amazon and with fast and free shipping. Better than this?

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