the Family plan at € 7.62 per month

About 80% of online breaches are due to weak or reused passwords for multiple accounts at the same time. However, remembering complex access keys could become difficult: there is one to come to our aid Keeper, a very useful security platform to manage any password (and not only) at a very affordable price. The Family plan it is affordable at the price of 7.62 euros per month (€ 91.49 per year) and offers a lot of useful additional features.

Keeper’s primary purpose is to generate and store passwords, but also personal information within one digital safe deposit box protected by encryption. There are five in total available in the Family plan. This feature therefore prevents hackers or malicious people on the net from coming into possession of our personal and sensitive data, to prevent them from being sold to third parties or exploited. Keeper is capable of automatically generate passwords random and complex, impossible to find and safe from attack by external ransomware.

It is possible to keep inside each digital cassette payment cards for secure shopping, driver’s licenses, passports and other personal information. Up to five emergency contacts will have access in the event of an emergency or owner’s death. Finally there is the function Secure File Storage, which allows you to store, manage, and share images, videos, documents and any type of file.

At a cost of 7.62 euros per month, Keeper Family offre: five private safes, file storage up to 10GB, unlimited password storage, unlimited identity and payments, a web app, access with fingerprint and Face ID, support for an unlimited number of synchronized devices, secure voice sharing , emergency access and assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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