The first smartphone with a built-in laser rangefinder

Doogee S97 Pro includes a powerful tool that can help in professional jobs as well as in some sports

(Photo: Doogee)

There are numerous applications to empirically calculate distances with your smartphone: you can take advantage of the GPS position from one point to another or augmented reality to determine lengths or heights with an inevitable large margin of error. Doogee S97 Pro takes the situation head-on by including the perfect tool for professional workers, but also for certain sports or a laser rangefinder.

It is not the first time that the Chinese brand Doogee amazes with particular smartphones, for example the model has already been seen S96 Pro with camera equipped with four infrared LEDs for the night vision or the modular and indestructible S95 Pro able to transform through different magnetic accessories. The new generation of Doogee’s top of the range is pushing towards a very specific market niche.

The laser rangefinder uses a low-energy light beam – therefore, not dangerous to health if it comes into contact – which is directed towards any object. Doogee hasn’t gone into component detail, so it is unlikely that an expensive electronic stopwatch will be integrated to build on the equation that distance equals time times speed. Easier than using a classic and cheaper self-oscillation frequency calculation system with an optical sensor that turns off the laser when the return signal is received with following distance calculation based on the detected delay.

(Photo: Doogee)

What can you do with the Doogee S97 Pro and its laser rangefinder? On the one hand it can become auseful shoulder for many DIY jobs for example to design renovations or to order custom-made furniture for the home, but also for outdoor situations such as placing plants in the garden. The laser rangefinder is also often used in sports such as golf or archery, to get a better idea of ​​the distance to the hole or target respectively.

But a laser rangefinder is also the only way to finally have certain answers to simple curiosities such as “How tall is that tree?” or “When is the gate far from the garage?”. Just point the smartphone, turn on the laser and in a few seconds you will receive the estimate.

The Doogee S97 Pro spec sheet is mid-level and includes 6.93 inch ips screen with hd + resolution, a Mediatek G95 chip with octa-core 2.1 GHz processor with 8 gb of ram and 128 gb of expandable internal storage. It features a quad camera on the back with a 48-megapixel main eye, 130-degree wide angle and two other sensors for macro and depth of field, while the selfie camera is 16-megapixel. The battery is really massive, about double the size of a normal smartphone, settling on 8500 mAh with, however, fast charging at 33 watts. Finally, the on board is ready Android 11 operating system.

As per Doogee tradition, the shell is ultra-resistant and almost indestructible as per Mil-Std-810 military grade certification obtained. The selling price depends on the online retailers, among those who ship to Italy there is Aliexpress with a request for 495 euro.

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