The first three Final Fantasy in remastered pixel version are coming

Appointment on 28 July on PC and the following day on Android and iPhone smartphones

(Foto: Square Enix)

The first three historical chapters of the saga Final Fantasy they will debut later this month in the remastered pixel version that is with a two-dimensional cubed graphics that however enjoys an improvement in both the gameplay and the soundtrack. In short, a retro restyling only in appearance, but which actually opens up a very interesting experience for fans of Square Enix titles.

The appointment is set for the next one July 28 with the version for pc which is currently already pre-orderable on Steam at a promotional price and the next day – on July 29 – also for the mobile platform therefore for Android from the Play Store and for iPhone from the App Store.

In addition to the graphic update in pixel art style of the settings, objects and characters based on the original drawings by Kazuko Shibuya, it was therefore the soundtrack has also been renewed under the supervision of the original composer Nobuo Uematsu and was gameplay modernized with new options such as automatic combat. As a corollary, extra contents have been added such as the bestiary, the image gallery and the music player.

final fantasy 1 pixel
(Foto: Square Enix)

It is worth pointing out that the story of the original games does not change, but for those who have already completed it, this launch remains a good opportunity to relive the saga under a new guise and sound. Just on July 28, Steam will remove from the store Final Fantasy 5 e 6 (not remastered pixels) making room for new arrivals.

The first two Final Fantasy in pixel version will be possible buy at a price of 11,99 euro each (now discounted at 9,59 euro), while the third costa 17,99 euro (now discounted at 14,39 euro), but you can already order the bundle with chapters from first to seventh at a total cost of 74,82 euro, with a 22% discount.

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