The first update of Windows 11 makes AMD CPU performance even worse

Windows 11 has problems with some AMD processors. (Photo: Nikolay Antonov /

Already at the start of Windows 11 there were problems with some AMD CPU. The first update of the operating system does not improve the situation – it apparently makes it even worse.

Already after the publication of Windows 11 AMD officially warned that using a Ryzen CPU could lead to noticeable problems. Specifically, the point is that the performance of the L3 cache can drop by up to 15 percent below the previous value. There is also a bug in the interaction with AMD’s preferred core technology, which is supposed to pass threads to the fastest CPU core.

Now the first update for Windows 11 has been released, and it seems that it has made the problems with AMD CPU even worse. According to measurements from Techpowerup the L3 cache latency after the update is 31.9 nanoseconds. Before the update, it was around 17 nanoseconds and, in the case of the tested CPU, it should only be around ten nanoseconds.

Windows 11: AMD issues should be fixed later this month

According to AMD, the problem with the L3 cache performance will be resolved via a Windows update. That should be published in October 2021. There are currently many indications that Microsoft will release the corresponding patch on October 19th. A driver update from AMD is supposed to solve the preferred core problem. According to a company statement, this patch will then be distributed on October 21. Major customers could possibly receive the patch earlier.

Meanwhile, there seem to be other problems with Microsoft’s new operating system. The printer manufacturer Brother warnt Customers are currently aware that an update to Windows 11 can lead to problems with some printers if they are connected to the PC via USB. Around 80 printer models from the manufacturer are affected.

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