The inventor of the web sold his source code as Nft for $ 5.4 million

The anonymous buyer of Tim Berners-Lee obtained a certificate of ownership for four digital objects and a total of 10 thousand lines of code

Photo: a small part of the source code of the World Wide Wieb, via Sotheby’s

The DNA of the web is valid 5.4 million dollars: the source code of the World Wide Web, sold at auction by Sotheby’s, was valued so much. The founder of the modern internet Tim Berners-Lee had put up for sale in the last weeks, through the famous London auction house, an NFT (non-fungible token) of the source code for the World Wide Web, which he was the author of in 1989, and which yesterday found a buyer.

The lucky, and wealthy, anonymous buyer was awarded four different items as a single token. This includes the original timestamped files of the source code written for the project, a 30-minute animated visualization of Berners-Lee writing the code, a letter from him about the creative process, and a digital poster of the code he created and obviously signed. . Let’s talk about 10 thousand lines of code in all. The inventor of the web had made it known that the proceeds from this sale would go to fund charitable causes.

Regarding the choice to forcefully enter the new Nft market, in a quote on the Sotheby’s website, Berners-Lee described these digital collectible items guaranteed by the blockchain such as “The most appropriate proprietary medium that exists” and “the ideal way to pack the origins behind the web”. Second Gizmodo the creator of the internet it seems “Recognize the NFT market as an ideal place to cram the rich so that they don’t actually buy the web”.

Berners-Lee had made it in 1993 its creation of public domain and has notoriously supported net neutrality for years, warning of privatization for profit which crushes the principle of the web as a fair and free platform. The computer scientist also pushed for Sotheby’s to make it available after the sale on his site animation and code strings for the more curious. The digital ownership certificate of what can be considered to all intents and purposes a work of art, is instead in the hands of only one person.

The selling price is almost double the value of the first tweet from Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey, and ten times as much as the meme of the Disaster Girl. However, the Berners-Lee code is still very far from the value of 70 million dollars, paid for 5,000 digital images by artist Beeple.

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