The inventor of the World Wide Web will sell the first source code at auction as Nft

The code strings used by Tim Berners-Lee to create the World Wide Web between 1989 and 1991 will be sold to the highest bidder by the auction house Sotheby’s

(Photo: Unsplash)

It is now possible to sell everything digital as a non-fungible token (NFT). A further example of this came in recent days when it became known that the inventor of the network as we know it, Tim Berners-Lee, will auction come Nft the source code of the first internet.

The code strings used by Berners-Lee to create the World Wide Web between 1989 and 1991 they will be sold to the highest bidder by the famous auction house Sotheby’s. The offers will run from 23 to 30 June, starting at $ 1,000. The proceeds from this sale will go to fund the charitable causes of Berners-Lee and his wife Rosemary.

NFTs are certificates of unique ownership of digital works, stored and monitored through the blockchain, but which do not necessarily include copyright control. They have been widely used for some months to sell works of art or collectibles even unconventional, how can it be a meme or Berners-Lee’s invention.

Specifically, Sotheby’s will auction a collection of four different items as a single digital NFT. This includes the original timestamped files of the source code written for the project, an animated visualization – lasting 30 minutes – of Berners-Lee writing the code, his letter about the creative process, and a digital poster of the code he created . In all we are talking about 10,000 lines of code which Sotheby’s advertises as “The only signed copy of the code for the first existing web browser”.

However, the choice of Berners-Lee, who is now 66 years old, surprised many since he himself decided to leave his invention open to all and never profit from it directly by patenting it. The computer scientist, in an ‘interview with the Financial Times, compared the NFTs to an autographed copy of a book, adding that “They are the ideal way to package the origins of the web”. Sotheby’s choice to trade these digital objects is not new, for example the inventor of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, had sold his first tweet in an online auction for $ 2.9 million.

The NFT market has exploded over the past year and is mostly helping artists sell their works, but skepticism remains that it’s just a fad that will fade over time. The NFT market has lost 90% of its value since the beginning of May compared to its peak. Meanwhile, in March, digital artist Beeple sold a .Jpg artwork for $ 70 million.

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