the IPCEI on microelectronics and batteries is underway

The bottom IPCEI (Important Projects of Common European Interest) on microelectronics takes a new step forward. After the recent reopening, in fact, the decree of the Minister of Economic Development arrived in the last hours, Giancarlo Giorgetti, which officially makes the fund for the development of a new sustainable chain operational in some strategic areas of national and continental importance.

IPCEI, here is 1.7 billion

It is a facilitating tool“, Explains MISE,”which aims to support the projects of Italian companies involved in research, development and innovation activities, but also those related to the first industrial application, in the sectors of microelectronics, of the drums he was born in high performance computing“.

The fund brings together resources for 1.7 billion eurosin order to strengthen the competitiveness of the strategic sectors of national and European industry through a strong synergy and integration between the supply chains of the EU member countries“. These are sectors of high strategic and economic value, central to the technological future of the country and in which scientific research will still represent an important growth lever for a long time.

But it does not end there: the commitment with the IPCEI continues on issues such as microprocessors, hydrogen and health. Mutual funds, on which to invest to help companies to bet by reducing risk margins to aim for greater profitability.

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