The key to tomorrow’s easier communication?


Digitization is constantly influencing our communication. With the large number of different communication tools on the market, it is easy to lose track and focus. So how do you manage to simplify your communication in the future in such a way that your productivity is not lost in the process?

The new type of digital communication and the sheer mass of different tools can be overwhelming. In the worst case, your productivity will suffer. How about if the communication in your company could be easily standardized and you and your team could be boosted at the same time? The key word for promising communication is Unified Communications.

Was bedeutet Unified Communications?

Unified Communications (or unified communication) is a type of platform on which various communication services are brought together. It acts as a basic framework for access to all relevant communication services such as video conferencing, classic telephony, voicemail, file sharing, e-mail and instant messaging. Unified Communications offers you the opportunity to quickly access information anytime and anywhere – even when you are on the move – and to optimize many processes easily. So you and your team don’t lose the drive in which the complicated communication channels get in your way. A UC client can help you use a UC system. When talking about UC, the term Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) is also often used. Communications stands for the actual exchange of knowledge and collaboration emphasizes the action that promotes teamwork. In order to increase and secure productivity and efficiency in the future as well, it is advisable to integrate UCC into your current system. This can be done, for example, through various technologies such as Voice-over-IP telephony, screen sharing, video conference apps, conference calls or cloud collaboration. So make your communication future-ready – your team and your productivity will thank you.

Better communication in the team through UCC: Investing in the right UC tools is worthwhile. (Image: nfon)

What do you have to consider when choosing your UC tools?

How do you actually find the UC tools that suit you perfectly and cover all of your communication needs? There are a few important things to keep in mind when making your selection.

Cost reduction as the primary goal

Above all, a good UC tool should reduce your costs. Companies often struggle to get profitability, tool management and the needs of individual employees under one roof. Nvoice for Microsoft Teams can, for example, help your employees to work more efficiently with an all-in-one tool. Above all, you should opt for a solution that provides a scalable, future-proof and maintenance-free system that is suitable for every user and, of course, is inexpensive.

A UC tool should be reliable and secure. For example, do you choose one Cloud telephone system such as Cloudya from nfon, you should make sure that the connected data centers have built-in failover that never lets you down. Because you should be able to concentrate fully on your productivity and not have to deal with unreliable services.

While we’re on the subject of productivity, one of the most important factors is communication. This above all should intuitive, future-proof and smart fail, that means also im Remote Working work flawlessly and make your workflow easier. However, with the use of multiple phone numbers and inboxes, important information often slips through, which can lead to confusion and distraction. Cloudya from NFON solves the whole thing more intelligently: Thanks to a single phone number and an inbox, you can respond to calls and messages from anywhere. Your interaction with your customers or team does not get lost in the communication jungle. On the contrary: through Cloudya you enable your team more productivity and can do yours at the same time relieve technical support. Because the extensive, physical infrastructure that comes with common telephone systems is significantly reduced with Cloudya. thanks to the VoIP technology you can also do without special telephone lines. And: If you supplement the features of Nvoice for Microsoft Teams with the PBX functions of Cloudya, you support your team in their familiar Microsoft environment. With Cloudya you help them to find their To make workflow and your communication smarter – and that in the long term.

In summary: UC tools create simple solutions and enable you to communicate and collaborate more efficiently – regardless of where you are and which end devices you use.

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