The last supermoon of the year is coming

The night of June 24 is expected. It is called the strawberry moon, but it also has other names, including honeymoon. What it is and how to observe it

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Keep the eyes wide open, indeed, facing the summer sky, because on the night of June 24, the superluna. It will be thelast of 2021 and is called strawberry moon: this is the name given by the Native Americans, and then handed down to us. Even the term “supermoon” doesn’t have much to do with the science: coined by an astrologer in 1979, it still refers to a physical fact, that is when the Moon is full and is located in the closest point with respect to the Earth, the perigeo. Thanks to the greater proximity to our planet, therefore, supermoons appear differently to how we are used to: according to the Nasa, in fact, they are up to 14% larger and the 30% brighter typical full moons. The strawberry moon is the first full moon of the summer and, despite being a supermoon, it is not the largest of 2021: this record went to the supermoon observed on May 26, the closest to Earth of the whole year. On that occasion she had also added to the phenomenon a total lunar eclipse, which he had given to the supermoon of May a reddish color.

When and how to observe the frago supermoonthe

On average, the moon is located 386,000 kilometers from Earth. Instead, on Wednesday, June 23, the moon will be in its perigee, about 359,800 km away from Earth. To observe the supermoon, however, we will have to wait for the plenilunio. The full moon, the phase in which the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun and the lunar hemisphere illuminated by the Sun is entirely visible from the Earth, will occur exactly at 8:40 pm on June 24th: however, the supermoon will be visible from Wednesday until Saturday morning. If the weather conditions do not allow you to turn your eyes to the sky, the event can also be observed away streaming, starting at hours 21:00 on June 24th.

Photos of the last annular eclipse of the Sun

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Why of strawberry

The strawberry moon is named after the period of the year in which strawberries grow in North America, particularly in the northeastern United States and in regions of eastern Canada, where the native tribe they enjoyed these fruits. However, since strawberries are native to North America and Europeans did not know them until the early 1600s, in Europe this moon was called the pink moon, from the fragrant flower that was in full bloom in June. But these two they are not the only names of the supermoon of June: it has also been called the blooming moon, green wheat moon, moon of the digger, moon of birth, moon that lays eggs, moon that hatches, moon of mead and also honeymoon. Does the latter sound familiar? The phrase honeymoon, indicating the honeymoon trip, could really be related to this full moon, perhaps because of the tradition of getting married in June.

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