The Lord of the Rings, the first photos of the orcs to appear in the series

Continue the approach to the next 2 Septemberthe date on which Amazon Prime Video will make its debut The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. The ambitious series based on Tolkien’s works will, as we know, act as a prequel to the events already narrated in Peter Jackson’s films: thousands of years before Frodo’s adventures, in fact, we will witness the adventures related to creation of rings of power, in fact, with all the consequences of the case and above all with the appearance of the first threat represented by Sauron. In the unpublished episodes, therefore, we will see not only the young versions of well-known personalities like Galadriel and Elrond, but also many figures never seen before. And, apparently, we will also see some original versions of the Orcs.

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In Tolkien’s narrative universe, the Orcs are a race of monstrous beings created in Middle-earth due to the physical and spiritual corruption of some elves wrought by Melkordivine creature who, pursuing his thirst for revenge, tried to conquer the world and was then known as Morgoth, the Dark Lord. We know that it was indeed Sauron to gather the various tribes of these feral beings to replenish the ranks of their army. Even if their appearance is not described in detail in the novels, they have now gone down in history as the deformed creatures seen in Jackson’s films. But the first images released in these days show them to us in an even different way, a kind of pre-evolution.

The real novelty, however, is that compared to Jackson’s works in which orcs were often reproduced thanks to special effects, in the series they will instead be made making up real actors, and only later by adding additional details in the CGI. The executive producer Lindsey Weber and the head of the department prosthetics Jamie Wilson they revealed moreover that for the first time in the history of Tolkenian adaptations we will also see the female Orcs. The curiosity, especially that of the fans of the first hour, continues to increase and therefore only remains wait for the end of summerWhen The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will offer us the first of the five planned seasons.

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