The multifunctional foosball table that becomes a poker table

Available in various configurations and different woods, it transforms quickly and easily, allowing you to play, work and eat on the same level

A table football at home always captures the attention of friends but can also satisfy those who have no knowledge or passion of football and derivatives, at least if the model in question is the latest one designed by Teemo. Who devised and produced a multifunctional miniature green rectangle, easily convertible to take on a different appearance and perform other functions. Game table for poker, Texas hold ’em and other table games, but also one workstation with space on the short side to place the laptop, or one table for eating with up to four diners.

Available in different wood varieties (including cherry, red oak, maple, walnut), Nulocore transforms quickly and easily via the reversible top, to be overturned for the poker-games version, after removing the eight slats that integrate the players of the two teams. The accessories, such as the wooden module dedicated to the computer and the smaller one capable of recharge the smartphone wirelessly. Provided in various configurations and sizes, the price of Nulocore starts from about 295 euro, with shipping costs for Italy included and deliveries starting next December.

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