The Netflix series creates a bizarre trend: More and more babies are given this name

“Lucifer” – strange choice of name

“Lucifer” creates a name trend.

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While it is forbidden to name your child Lucifer in Germany, 15 boys with this name will be going to school in Great Britain in just a few years. This puts the name in front of the more common Barry, Trevor, Stuart, Gordon or Keith. In 2018, by the way, 560 babies were named after Khaleesi in the USA, 171 children today run around the world as Daenerys. The parents were obviously particularly taken with “Game of Thrones”.

In Germany, individual naming bans serve the best interests of the child. Names that are offensive, that make the child look ridiculous or that are simply unsuitable are therefore not allowed. A couple of years ago, a couple actually wanted to name their boy Lucifer, which translated simply means “light bearer”. The case went to the Kassel District Court, which finally banned the name. Not surprisingly, the names McDonald, Grand Duke, Pinocchio, Popcorn, Troublemaker, Cain, Judas and Satan are also prohibited.

For all “Lucifer” fans in this country, only the last season of the series remains – to be seen on Amazon Prime since October 25th. The trailer is available above.

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