The new iPhone may not be called iPhone 13 for good luck

There is a number considered unfortunate (in the West) that could lead Apple to a sensational change of course

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Apple he never had a linear choice on the names of his products which often changed their nomenclature suddenly. There are ranges that focus on a simple numerical sequence and others that always use the same name, distinguishing the various models only in the technical data sheets with the year in parentheses. iPhone is something of a middle ground, but with the next generation there could be a marked change in strategy.

After cousin iPhone of 2007 then called 2G, iPhone 3G came out to indicate the connection and iPhone 3GS where the “S” indicates a higher speed. In the years to follow he alternated the jump to the next number with an “S” generation (with the colored bracket iPhone 5C) also introducing the larger Plus models from iPhone 6. iPhone X it was the first model with an oled display and notch, then came the Mini as an ideal continuation and improvement of the concept of iPhone Se up to the Max versions inaugurated with iPhone 11 which determine the best performing models.

Until a few days ago nothing would have doubted the choice of the name iPhone 13 for the 2021 line, but different portal Americans pointed out how the number thirteen is considered unfortunate in the West, especially in the States. Hence the hypothesis that Apple may call the next smartphone as simply iPhone following the same choice in Mac and iPad.

If this were the case, the year in brackets would appear in the catalogs and in the technical data sheets to better distinguish it, so from iPhone 13 it would be iPhone (2021) with iPhone Max e iPhone Max Pro. It is not obvious there will be a Mini model since the sales of the iPhone 12 Mini have been below forecasts and yes rumor even already a stop to the production lines in advance.

It seems less likely that jump directly to iPhone 14 as is often the case in seats on planes or on the floors of a building. Yet there are precedents such as the OnePlus 4 which was never introduced as the four in Chinese characters sounds like the word dead. For the record, Apple hadn’t paid attention to the cabal of four, iPhone 4 was released regularly in 2010, followed the following year by the iPhone 4s.

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