The new robotic arm of ESA for the International Space Station

A maxi size to move heavy weights, but also the most agile tool for manipulation outside the ISS: it can in fact change position by moving independently

The astronauts on the Iss they are about to have a new friend: a robotic arm for operations to be performed outside the orbiting house. His name is European Robotic Arm (or, more briefly, Era), a robotic arm eleven meters long and capable of moving loads of up to eight tons. And not only that: the large manipulator is able – and is the only one in its category – to walk and then change position around the Space Station, anchoring itself to one or the other end along fixed base points, as does the a compass.

Era is completely made in Europe and will set sail for orbit along with the Russian Nauka module (or Russian Multipurpose Laboratory Module) in the coming weeks.

(Credit video: Esa)

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