the next generation is not ready to arrive

Nintendo is reportedly just starting to discuss the Switch’s successor. You will have to take your pain patiently.

Given the history of the various console manufacturers of video games, every X years, a new generation of console is expected to emerge. Nintendo has designed a large number of machines himself in recent decades. So it makes perfect sense that the Switch isn’t the manufacturer’s latest console. a new model is most certainly in preparation at Big N. But when could we take advantage of it?

Nintendo reportedly just starting to discuss Switch successor

It seems that gamers interested in this next generation of Nintendo consoles have to make up their minds to wait. And to wait quite a long time. At least this is what emerges from a question and answer session given during the presentation of the latest financial results of Big N. Asked precisely about this new generation machine, the response of the president of the company, Shuntaro Furukawa, clearly suggests that it is too much to say to mention this aspect.

You will have to take your pain patiently

In Shuntaro Furukawa’s own words, “regarding the next gen, we can’t say anything at this time. We’re still having internal discussions about the concept, timing, etc., we’re discussing everything around. ” This statement suggests that Nintendo hasn’t developed anything yet. Or if he did, it would only be preliminary work, at best.

Shuntaro Furukawa also specifies that the Switch is currently in the middle of its life cycle, which means that it could take a few more years before the company decides to replace it. That being said, it would be quite possible to see a new improved model appear, as already mentioned by a number of rumors for many months. Unless it’s already this next-gen model, in which case the Nintendo president’s statements would be null and void. The future will tell.

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