The old Nintendo cartridges that are worth millions

First an almost unique copy of The Legend of Zelda and then a perfect copy of Super Mario 64, which for the first time went over one million euros

(Foto: Heritage Auctions)

Within a weekend it was shattered twice the sales record of a collectible video game signed by Nintendo. Friday was the turn of an intact and (almost) unique copy of the first chapter of The Legend of Zelda climb up to $ 870,000 or about 740000 euro, but Sunday almost doubled the record with a practically perfect copy of Super Mario 64 with continuous raises up to the crazy figure of 1.56 million dollars that is 1.31 million euros.

The first sensational record was therefore staged last Friday thanks to Heritage Auctions with a sealed copy of The Legend of Zelda for Nes system sold for about 740,000 euros thanks to the Wata rating 9.0 (out of 10) A Sealed of 1987 surpassing the record that belonged to a particular cartridge of Super Mario Bros. which had been grabbed by a wealthy collector for just over half a million euros last April.

the legend of zelda record
(Foto: Heritage Auctions)

The escalation of the final auction results has been exponential since only a short time ago we traveled under € 200,000. The special feature of the Zelda lies in the fact that it was one of the first printed copies of the game, a production with no other copies currently on the market; in fact there is only one other specimen, of higher value, which however is not for sale.

super mario 64
(Foto: Heritage Auctions)

And who knows if it will be auctioned since after only two days it has gone from 740,000 euros to over 1.3 million, again through the auction house Heritage Auctions with a 1996 copy of Super Mario 64 evaluated in almost perfect condition 9.8 A ++ Wata for a game that has written the history of video games, since it was the first three-dimensional title featuring the Nintendo symbol. When it will cross the two million dollar wall?

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