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You still use the top-bottom method, but the outcome leaves something to be desired? Then the OKR method would be something for you. In the following introduction you will find out what it is all about and why corporate giants have been using the approach for a long time.

The well-known top-bottom method is commonplace in many companies. It can be worthwhile to consider new management methods. Giants like Twitter, Netflix, Microsoft and Amazon are leading the way and owe the success of their revolutionary, results-oriented management style to Andy Grove, former president of Intel. The management approach developed by Grove in 1979 was primarily intended to develop new methods of goal setting and was initially known as “Intel Management by Objectives”. Later the name was simplified and it stayed with “Objectives and Key Results” – better known today as OKRs.

Why is it so important to take a look at OKR?

A study by Asana on the subject of goal setting showed that employees in Germany are dissatisfied with the goals set by their employers. Only 17 percent of the respondents in Germany stated that their company effectively sets, communicates and implements corporate goals. The employees surveyed often do not know how their personal work relates to company-wide corporate goals. Is that also the case with your team? Then the OKR method could be a suitable solution for this.

OKR method: what is it about?

The method is based on the idea that teams perform better when they focus on the results rather than the course of action. The approach brought Intel forward and in 19 years of leadership at Intel, sales increased from 1.9 billion to 26 billion dollars. When Intel employee John Doerr launched the system in Silicon Valley, everyone was so excited that it spread like wildfire. Doerr’s template is simple and flexible: “The goal is what you want to achieve and the key result is the metric by which you measure your progress.”

This template is customizable so that it can be used for virtually any purpose. That’s why OKRs Just as flexible in the public sector as in tech companies or startups. So also ideal for trying out for your company.

How can you lead your team properly on the way to better performance and not lose track of things? (Image: Shutterstock / Viktoria Kurpas)

What are the benefits of OKRs?

Many successful companies can no longer and do not want to do without OKRs. Larry Page, co-founder of Google, even cited Grove’s influence as a key factor in the success of his company. But what makes OKRs so indispensable?

The concept of the pyramid of clarity

The Pyramid of clarity can help align big goals and concrete results. This illustrates how the long-term goals are built on top of the short-term goals.

Achieve more impact with prioritization

Employees can prioritize the right tasks because they know what results they should achieve. This increases the impact and deepens the relationship between the individual and his or her team and the company.

Creates clarity and meaning

When people understand how their work contributes to the highest-level goals, why certain tasks are prioritized and, ultimately, why the goals are important, they are more motivated and encourage themselves to perform even better. Of course, the entire team benefits from that. So transparency and meaningfulness are important keywords when it comes to the OKR method goes.

With the right use of OKRs, you can advance a wide variety of company areas. So it’s not just about achieving your quarterly target, but also getting processes going in such a way that they can have positive effects on the entire organization.

Integrate employee creativity

OKRs allow employees to be better involved in strategic planning. Through structured team reviews and one-on-one interviews, this approach also encourages commitment and collaboration in tracking the OKRs.

The OKR method promotes commitment, collaboration, creativity and performance

More commitment, collaboration, creativity and performance with the OKR method. (Image: Shutterstock / Jacob Lund)

These and other advantages are not limited to individual employees: Loud Gallup OKRs improve overall company performance by 21 percent. And managers are also promoted by OKRs, because based on their status updates, they can see when and how they have to intervene.

Asana connects your goals with daily tasks

In order to continuously and easily track OKR processes and measure your goals is Asana the ideal partner. Because with the Objectives function On your Asana Board you can let every employee participate in the processes of your goals and thus make them clear, simple and comprehensible for everyone. In this way, entire teams can gain an insight into what is happening in the company and gain an understanding of how their work relates to the company’s goals. This gives you real-time insight into the progress your teams are making. And risks, such as the mistaken prioritization of tasks, are verifiably reduced with Asana. So get to your goals and just give it a try.

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