The physical chessboard that moves the pieces during online games

Thanks to sensors and a movement system, Phantom is an automatic model that replicates the moves decided by the players during the challenges via smartphone and computer

Playing online has become a pastime for millions of people, but the live experience always remains of greater impact, so there are those who have tried to mix the two forms. An experiment attempted by Wonder Substance, a Minnesota company that he designed and built Phantom, the automatic chessboard in which chess moves following the moves decided by the two players who compete on smartphones, tablets, computers or with two Phantom chessboards. Movement on the wooden set is made possible by a series of sensors that detect the precise position of each piece, along with a quick and silent mechanism that moves chess smoothly.

The system allows players to have a greater and immediate understanding of the development of the game, but it is not limited to the challenges, as it offers a virtual coach which memorizes each move to provide suggestions on what to do. To put the improvements into practice, in addition to competing with friends or strangers online, you can also play against Maia, the artificial intelligence designed to raise the level of matches over time. The idea was liked, so much so that so far the company has collected more than 1 million euros from the crowdfunding collection launched on Kickstarter. Anyone interested in receiving Phantom at home, starting next December, must invest 340 euro.

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