the police anti-buff campaign, the rules to follow

About 540,000 children from all over Italy kick off today final exams, with a modus operandi that is still affected by the health crisis: only one oral interview, no collective tests. The usual rush on the eve to search for traces online is thus eliminated. This does not mean, however, that it is allowed to let your guard down with regard to fake news circulating on the topic.

The rules to follow for the 2021 Maturity

To reiterate this the Postal and Communications Police, which in collaboration with the portal launched the “Safe Maturity” initiative through Web and social channels. Attention is focused on the news regarding the safety protocol to be observed during the course, a list of rules to be observed, announced at the end of May.

Initiatives such as that of the State Police and are used to convey the correct messages and clear away the wrong ones. The baccalaureate exam is a very important appointment for young people and for this it is necessary that they maintain the necessary serenity to face them.

According to the research conducted, 20% of high school students do not know the indications relating to masks to be used (surgical procedures are better, FFP2 are also accepted, not “community” ones in tissue). 46% do not know that the device can be lowered during the interview if the required distance conditions exist: at least two meters between everyone present.

23% do not know that they will be able to attend the exam only one companion, while 15% believe the presence of a friend or family member is prohibited. Only 25% are aware that the temperature measurement.

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