the post-Jeff Bezos era begins

It’s not a day like everyone else in the house Amazon: today the formal change in the chair of CEO, with the founder Jeff Bezos who officially assigns the office to Andy Jassy, formerly at the head of the AWS division that has been able to grind revenue records by playing a leading role in the world cloud.

Amazon: the Bezos era ends, the Jassy era begins

Come made known in recent months, the date of July 5th it was not chosen randomly: exactly 27 years ago the group’s adventure began, then with the aim of selling books online. The rest is history.

However, Bezos will not abandon his creation, becoming the executive chairman of the board of directors. However, he will have more time available to devote himself to other things, first of all to the activity of Blue Origin. In this regard, in the coming weeks (July 20) he will be on board the New Shepard capsule for a flight that will take him about 100 km from Earth, thus kicking off the promising business linked to space tourism. They will keep him company on brother Mark, l’aviatrice Wally Funk who at 82 will finally be able to fulfill a dream and a mysterious fourth passenger who has written a check for the ticket 28 million dollars. In all likelihood it will also deal with publishing (in 2013 he bought the Washington Post) e philanthropy.

New Yorker, 52, married and with two children, Jassy is also the owner of the ice hockey team Seattle Kraken who will play the NHL championship for the first time next season. He joined the e-commerce giant in 1997, playing a leading role in the creation of AWS at the start of the new millennium. His appointment as CEO is a sign of continuity: we will not see any shocks regarding the business model, given the recent financial results the group does not feel the need, but today the post-Bezos era is kicking off.

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