The release of the new Apple MacBook Pros could also be postponed

Like the Apple Watch Series 7 possibly, future MacBook Pros could also be postponed. The fault, this time, with the shortage of chips.

The hardware market is currently in a very delicate position, some components being in short supply, in quite variable proportions depending on the case. Still, this puts many manufacturers in difficulty, forcing some to consider postponing the launches of their new products. This could be the case for Apple and his new MacBook Pro.

Future MacBook Pros could also be postponed

Recently we learned that the much anticipated Apple Watch Series 7 could be postponed due to a production problem. Today, it seems that the brand’s smartwatch at the apple would not be the only one affected by a delay. If a recent DigiTimes article is to be believed, the highly anticipated new MacBook Pro could also suffer a similar fate.

According to the DigiTimes report, this delay is due to the current chip shortage. “The current chip shortage to varying degrees across the globe could force the launch of future Apple MacBook Pros with mini-LED displays to be postponed until October, or even November, rather than September, when I usually get out. , according to several industry sources. ”

The fault, this time, with the shortage of chips

For those who don’t know, Apple is reportedly gearing up to release new MacBook Pros, possibly this month. These would be available in two formats, 14 and 16 inches, and powered by the house Apple Silicon M1X chip. No one knows at the moment when this announcement will take place but it is rumored that the Cupertino company could organize several events during the month of September.

It is also difficult to know if this situation will result in very limited stocks at launch or if Apple will decide to postpone the full announcement to a later date. Either way, since Apple’s events are prerecorded, that shouldn’t be a problem. Hopefully the apple brand will communicate on the subject very soon. To be continued !

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