The smart air conditioner that understands how far you are coming

The new Hitachi proposals are sanitized and learn from the user’s habits to improve consumption

(Foto: Hitachi)

I Hitachi FrostWash air conditioners are models designed to cool in summer and heat in winter with the heat pump and focus decisively on home automation thanks to a series of equipment designed for smart control and always connected also thanks to a special application that geolocates the user to better adjust the temperature.

It is often forgotten that even air conditioners can – in the long run – become a den of dirt. For this reason Hitach has developed the tecnologia FrostWash, which goes beyond simple air filtration and purification. It can in fact eliminate dust, up to87% mold and 91% bacteria through the ice crystals and water drops that thoroughly clean the heat exchanger fins. The function can be activated from the remote control or set automatically. In addition to maintaining high hygiene, it also optimizes energy consumption, otherwise burdened by up to 10% of impurities.

The new models also make use of theairCloud Home application, which was developed for iPhone and Android, opening up to voice control of air conditioners via Alexa and Google Home. As already mentioned, the system can exploit the geolocation with the Smart Geo Fence function that detects the presence and position of the user within a radius of 500 meters at the exit and 10 km at the entrance. By combining these data with the study of habits, the device can automatically regulate switching on and off as well as the temperature to the benefit of consumption.

Among the new models there is the compact and smart air conditioning class A ++ Dodai FrostWash with a width of 780 mm and a remarkable silence of just 20 decibels. It can be installed even in very small spaces, such as above doors and reaches maximum power in a few minutes. Among the various modes there is the Holiday one to set a minimum maintenance temperature when you are away.

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