the smart laser rangefinder is a BRILLIANT (€ 30)

The classic measuring tools are now outdated. With the smart laser rangefinder of HOTO, part of the ecosystem of Xiaomi, taking measurements has never been so simple, effective and even fun. Now from Amazon take this little gem home for just about € 30 and shipments are absolutely fast and free.

Xiaomi: the smart laser rangefinder is a sight

A super captivating design, complete with display OLED, which allows you to read all measurements in real time. Super simple to use, thanks to laser technology you can measure even long distances without problems and in an instant.

To make it smart is the presence of Bluetooth, which will allow you to connect the device directly to the smartphone and enjoy all the additional features available thanks to the application. Keep track of measurements accurately and save the data.

A real gem, also perfect for professional use. Super compact, and equipped with rechargeable battery, you can always carry it with you and use it for many times before having to recharge.

The telemetro laser smart on Xiaomi now you get it from Amazon at an absurd price: grab it for just € 30 and also enjoy absolutely fast and free shipping.

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