The smart safe that deceives thieves

Equipped with an internal camera, Space Safe allows you to monitor the contents of the safe at any time

After loudspeakers, lamps, thermostats and surveillance cameras, the smart home is enriched with the arrival of smart safe. To launch it is the US Space which developed the Space Safe, equipped with wi-fi, 10-inch touchscreen display and internal camera to store objects and keep them under control via the app at any time, allow access to family members e record any theft attempts. To use it you can choose between the fingerprint sensor incorporated in the front panel, use the display to type a pin code or the physical key if the device battery is low (there is the USB port on the back for charging).

I motion sensors they are able to identify if it is moved or tampered with, sending a notification to the connected smartphone if necessary. What’s more, with the app you can instantly lock the safe remotely, lock it or activate the alarm with the warning to the rescue unit (the call to 911 in the USA). Protected from hacker threats thanks to the 256 Aes-bit encryption system, it is 43 cm wide, 24 cm high and 35 cm deep, making it suitable for any closet, therefore good for any home and hotel rooms.

Another useful and intelligent distinctive feature is the fake radio interface that could fool the bad guys. If you are willing to entrust your wealth to Space Safe, who you can book the safe at a cost of approx 365 euro, to which we must add the shipping costs, with deliveries starting next October.

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