The Spotify player that plays the old iPod

It takes up the interface of the iconic wheel model and is also compatible with Apple Music; also on board the mini game as on the original player


A meeting between two icons of the musical enjoyment of the past (recent) and of the present with the wonderful web app by the developer Tanner Villarete which is available for free online to listen to your favorite songs of Spotify (e Apple Music) through a version of the unforgettable iPod model with wheel.

Operation is very simple. You have to log in with your Spotify or Apple Music account and from that moment you will take possession of the digital playback of the iPod with a nostalgic dip in the interface that has made this model one of the most popular music players.

The web app can be controlled with your finger on the smartphone or tablet display or via the mouse or touchpad if accessed from a computer. Everything was meticulously faithfully and rigorously recreated. You can of course turn the wheel and buttons to go forward or back in the collection as well as view album art thanks to the Cover Flow interface.

The developer even went to great lengths to include the mini game Brick Breaker that can be controlled through the ring: simple from a touchscreen, a little more cumbersome with the mouse. Tannery also uploaded all the code to GitHub making it accessible to anyone who wants to get involved, here is the link to connect to the web app and try the player immediately.

It’s already been seven years since Apple closed the shutter on the iPod Classic project (Here because) and the last player officially sold is iPod Touch: it seems that there are still faint possibilities to attend the presentation of one updated version.

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