the Stock Exchange and cryptocurrency trading such as Bitcoin

Among the countries that look with the greatest interest to crypto revolution there are also the Philippines, where the national stock exchange has stated that it also wants to play the role of exchange per le criptovalute. When? As soon as possible, as soon as the local authorities approve the necessary regulation.

PSE (Philippines) wants to become a crypto exchange

This was announced by Ramon Monzon, president of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), on the occasion of an interview with CNN. Therefore, only the green light is awaited from the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission, which has been engaged since 2019 in a public debate on the issue that involves all the parties involved: banking institutions, investors and citizens.

According to Monzon’s words, the attention paid to this type of asset has been growing progressively in recent years and now we can no longer afford to ignore the phenomenon. PSE stands as a reality capable of ensuring the regularity of transactions and the protection of savers (obviously taking into account the risk of volatility), already controlling the infrastructure used for the traditional stock market and having the necessary authorizations, as well as compliance with the required standards.

The openness of the country towards Bitcoin and other digital currencies is well known: a dozen exchanges have already received the green light to manage the operations of trading. A form of integration between cryptocurrencies and mobile gaming has also been successfully tested in the area, with Axie Infinity capable of obtaining a good success: it is a title on the style of Pokémon and CryptoKitties that allows you to get tokens simply by playing.

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