The Tag Heuer smartwatch dedicated to Super Mario

The special version of the Connected model also hides some easter eggs

(Photo: Tag Heuer)

The first result of a collaboration that should give other goodies, it smartwatch Tag Heuer X Super Mario Limited Edition is a special version of the well-known Connected luxury smartwatch with a personalization that celebrates the Nintendo symbol. It will be produced in only 200 copies that will become collector’s items among fans.

Ideal continuation of the celebrations for the 35th birthday of Super Mario – which fell last year – the Tag Heuer luxury smartwatch comes with a classy red packaging and relies heavily on fine materials and very interesting software solutions to stimulate the user to stay fit. The basic idea is that of the so-called gamification of rewards: Mario says good morning with a greeting in the morning and from that moment we start towards a sort of daily adventure based on the number of steps completed.

At each stage – 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% – of the daily goal set, Mario performs in an animation just as if it were moving within a level. The progress bar follows the circumference of the dial, with intermediate milestones featuring well-known icons such as the Super Mushroom that makes Mario grow at three o’clock, the Fast-travel Tube at six o’clock, the Super Star that makes him invincible at nine o’clock and the end-of-level flagstick at 12 o’clock. The idea is inspired by easter eggs, the little surprises hidden in video games that you can access by completing certain actions.

tag this year super mario
(Photo: Tag Heuer)

There are four digital dials like the retro and pixelated one (Timekeeping) that pays homage to the first version of Super Mario Bros. of 1985 and constructive differences with respect to Connected model like the red gradient for the bezel notches and pushers and the M logo on the crown. Two interchangeable straps in box: one in black leather on a red rubber and a sporty one in perforated red rubber. The hardware counts on gps, waterproof up to 5 atmospheres, 430 mAh battery and heart rate monitor.

You will be able to buy one of the 2,000 watches of the Tag Heuer X Super Mario Limited Edition smartwatch from July 15th at selected Tag Heuer boutiques as well as on official site. The American price is 2150 dollars, the European one should maintain the dollar = euro ratio, therefore positioning itself at approximately 2000 euro.

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