the ULTIMATE sunglasses

Sure, your face will earn a lot of points with glasses like these. But above all, the gaze of those who notice them will be priceless. In fact, you can suddenly become the king of the beach, the prince of the promenade, the emperor of the seafront, simply by wearing your new ones occhiali Thug Life:

No, it’s not a photomontage this time. You can really wear them, and spend the summer as a living meme. 11.99 euros is enough, including case. There is everything: identical style, original pixellation. 6 models all together, to change style every day or to involve all your friends in the same gag.

Occhiali Thug Life

On style “ThugLife”There is little to add: if you don’t know him, search YouTube. You too have had your “Thug Life” moment in life, but rarely have you had the right glasses at the right time. Now you can have them, wear them and show off the right expression to enter the role.

The background music is not included, but trust me: you will hear it in your mind as soon as you put it on. Beware of the only dangerous side effect: a surge in selfies is expected. Prepare to be, inevitably, center stage.

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