The upcoming Motorola smartphones will have remote wireless charging

The range will be at least one meter, recent experiments say

(Photo: GuRu)

Motorola has signed an agreement with the company GuRu Wireless to implement the technology of remote wireless battery charging. To fill up with energy it will no longer be necessary to connect a wire or place the device in contact with a plate because everything will happen in the air.

There are not many details on the collaboration on the two brands, what it was press release is that it is working on the necessary requirements of quality, energy efficiency and, above all, safety that are required for such a particular and delicate functionality. On the other hand, we are talking about electricity spread through an environment, such as a room, and therefore it is more than obvious that it will take some time before going out on the markets with a reliable solution.

A few months ago Motorola had already published a demonstration video on Weibo in which the charging was tested from a distance of 80 to 100 centimeters, but “several meters” are promised for the commercial version. Motorola is expected to take advantage of a technology called GuRu Smart RF Lensing based on millimeter waves with a frequency of 24 GHz and the ability to detect the exact position of the device to be recharged to send the right concentrated beam, without too many dispersions.

The range should be up to about 10 meters. What about security? GuRu had explained that the emission of waves stops automatically when an obstacle is detected that stands between the base and the device. The other project under study is Xiaomi Air Charge, which works with a power of 5 watts like the standard Apple charger, always delivering energy in the form of millimeter waves through the 144 antennas mounted inside the base and using the so-called beamforming to precisely target the signal once the exact location of the target device is detected.

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