The very rare Ferrari motorboat worth 10 million

The incredible record-breaking hydroplane built in a single example with the “blessing” of Enzo Ferrari is for sale on an auction site

Credit: screenshot YouTube

Ferrari, one of the most famous car manufacturers in the world, has fueled the legend over the years thanks to its historic participation in motor racing, as well as its iconic supercars. But over the years the Maranello house has not only made supercars and sports cars. In the 1950s, one of Ferrari’s engines was used to power a powerful one speedboat. The aquatic vehicle in question, called Ferrari Other or Arno XI, was put up for sale for 10 million euros on the well-known portal specialized in luxury products, JamesEdition. The price? Given the uniqueness of the product, it could only be monster: 10 million euros.

The history of this vehicle is very particular and undoubtedly contributes to increasing its value. Achille Castoldi, a racing champion, set himself the goal of beating the world water speed record in the 800 kg category and for this he asked Enzo Ferrari for help, who decided to accept the challenge. The year of production of the hydroplane called Arno XI is 1952. To power it we find a powerful V12 (375F1) of the Ferrari of 4.5 liters and 600 Hp.

The construction of the vehicle was entrusted to Cantieri Timossi, which also availed itself of the consultancy of the F1 team of Maranello by producing a 3-point hydroplane in hard wood, covered with a mahogany veneer. The upper part of the bodywork was painted in Ferrari Red, also receiving the “blessing” of the Drake. Eventually the Ferrari Other managed to get a world record still valid today: 150.49 mph (242 km / h), because the category no longer exists.

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