The Wall, quality and quantity for digital signage

The digital signage comes to a new level. To raise the bar is Samsung, which al CES 2019 presents “The Wall“, New technology capable of offering striking results precisely where image quality can make the difference between a successful communication and a simple appearance. The Wall is a new technology that allows the installation of modular walls capable of returning images with a quality never seen before on certain dimensions.

The secret lies in using MicroLED on a large scale. The result is a wall (because this is the dimensional scale to consider) with images of great effect thanks to more vivid colors and to a deeper black: this last result is obtained thanks to the way in which the surface has been developed, allowing a greater absorption of light and less refraction. It also improves the definition, so much so that – explains Samsung – “the visual experience is similar to what you get with a quality QLED TV“.

The individual panels have a diagonal of 75 inches but, thanks to the absence of frames, they can be assembled in a modular way, thus creating large surfaces to give an unsurpassed scenic effect. Fields of application? Infinite. Digital signage is probably the most effective, but in all likelihood “The Wall” will quickly become a standard for quality communication: the effectiveness of the message is directly proportional to the quality of the image itself, since sharpness, color and contrasts they are prime ingredients of the attention rate collected from the display surface.

The Wall resists water, dust and shocks, promises low consumption and is therefore suitable for use in any context. A new tool available to communication, in short, by bringing the technologies used up to now in the private sector on a large scale for a qualitative use of entertainment services.

The Wall made its first appearance at CES 2018, but within a year it has been improved from every point of view: reduced the size, and increased the definition, today the product is ripe for a wider market and precisely the reduced the overall size it also seems to open up new combinations and new creative possibilities.

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