The world’s thinnest wireless smartphone keyboard

The 150 grams of weight for 3.5 mm of thickness make the Mini Foldable a pocket model

We do everything with our smartphone, but not everything we do with it is perfect. Because maybe a little trick would be enough to ensure greater comfort and fluidity, such as when we type at full speed in a chat on WhatsApp or to comment on a video on social media. The problem of too small keys would fall with the keyboard right, like the Mini Foldable made by Mipow, who developed a model wireless and foldable, characterized by some advantageous elements. It has one thickness of only 3.5 mm, weighs 150 grams and has a flexible case that, when opened, turns into a stand for the smartphone (as shown in the video above), while when closed it protects against bumps and scratches.

Ideal for typing more easily with your smartphone, the Californian company’s keyboard is compatible with macOS, iOS, Windows and Android, so it can also work with tablets and mini PCs. With 65 keys and 120 overall functions, an integrated LED that lights up when discharged after about 85 hours of use (recharges with any USB charger), the Mini Foldable keyboard measures 296.2 x 94.5 x 5.3 mm and you can book who at a price of approx 55 euro, including shipping costs, with deliveries scheduled from August. After ordering, you can choose one of the two colors available: total black, or yellow with white, orange and blue buttons.

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