The Xiaomi smartphone with all curved edges

A prototype with an extreme design and a body without inputs or buttons

(Foto: LetsGoDigital / Zhao Ming)

One more suggestive concept by Xiaomi was unveiled in Cnipa’s immense patent database – China National Intellectual Property Administration – and this time it focuses on one particular 3D display construction technology whose sides far exceed the edges with an almost liquid effect.

This smartphone concept signed by Zhao Ming and discovered by LetsGoDigital, which is referred to only as “Model B” and described as having a quad-curved screen ie curved on all four sides. The designers not only eliminated the bezels, but went further, leaving only the thin layer of the rear shell. A scenographic choice, which however imposes some inevitable consequences.

The first is that this conceptual smartphone is totally wireless that is without inputs or jacks with battery charging which should only be based on induction, connection to headphones or other accessories via bluetooth or wifi and above all the connection to the cellular network via eSim. Existing technologies and solutions, which however have never been adopted all together on a single model. For some time now rumor that Apple is willing to present a wireless iPhone without ports, Xiaomi could anticipate it on the times.

prototipo xiaomi
(Photo: LetsGoDigital)

The second is that the display must be very resistant to bumps and scratches since the edges of smartphones are among the most stressed parts during daily use. Imagining to insert this model in a case is a contradiction, because on the one hand it would lose its unique aesthetic characteristic and on the other hand it would cover the sides from any software functions more than likely such as extended notifications, virtual keys, widgets and other amenities rendered. possible from this special design.

After the announcement of the extreme Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, we had Already seen numerous very particular Xiaomi concepts: as well as for the previous prototypes, the rule is that a filed patent does not mean a safe product on the way. Certainly, however, this solution could be very fascinating and interesting.

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