The Zte t-shirt with built-in 5G

A life-saving t-shirt that monitors medical parameters in real time and communicates them in an emergency

(Photo: Zte)

Al Mwc 2021 underway in Barcelona was presented a special shirt which can literally save lives in an emergency, as it is equipped with sensors for monitor physical parameters e 5G module to always be connected at high speed and low latency.

The result of an agreement between the Chinese giant Zte and the Italian group AccYouRate specialized on wearable device technologies, this one tshirt 5G it was designed to consistently collect several important ones biovital parameters and pass them on to health control centers. Specifically, it can act as an electrocardiogram, it can detect and analyze the breath and the components released by sweat, muscular effort and – of course – the body temperature. In addition, there are also accelerometer and humidity and position sensors on board.

The polymeric sensors are hidden inside the fabric of the t-shirt which can be considered as a sort of sensitive second skin: the collected data is converted into digital to a very small built-in control unit in the logo on the chest, which rests on an equally miniaturized 5G module for transmitting data to a remote unit capable of interpreting the information.

The goal is to create a fabric with integrated components and microchips that can be used with some freedom for various garments such as pants, hats, gloves, shoe insoles, protective masks and so on. As demonstrated by a consumer gadget like the Apple Watch, there is a lot of public attention to wearables that can monitor health and act promptly in an emergency.

5G, in this sense, is the best ally not so much for the higher speed as for the low latency that allows a communication with an almost zero lag between sending data and receiving, as demonstrated by recent experiments of telemedicine.

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