There is a company that turns smartphones into paintings

From iPhones to BlackBerry, passing through PSP: the Chinese company Grid proposes the anatomy of some iconic technological products to give a touch of design to furniture

See i electronic waste are certainly a big problem for the environment, a solution could be turn them into works of art. This is the idea that it came up with Grid, a Chinese company that has long been selling (former) framed smartphones, ready to hang on the walls of the house.

A great combination for anyone who loves the technology vintage, but also the design. The paintings, in fact, break down the components of telephones, tablets and other devices as in a sort of technological anatomy, transforming second-hand products into furnishing accessories.

Among the first works created by Grid there is Grid 4S, just with an iPhone 4s: it consists of over 30 components of the smartphone launched by Apple in 2011, carefully sorted by hand on a white A3 sheet, each with measures and labels that allow you to understand exactly what it is.

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