There is a new search engine, Brave Search

It aims to become the reference point for users who care about privacy and transparency, challenging the giants of the web

(foto: screen da Brave Search)

The independent browser Brave is also betting on privacy for the launch of its search engine, called Brave Search. The promise is that of do not trace or profile users based on their search queries, in the name of security and confidentiality. Brave Search is still in Beta version, but it is already available for download on desktop, Android and iOs and at on any browser. The company has announced that it will become the default search engine in Brave’s browser later this year.

Brave was not just any browser, it was the first to be equipped with native Ipfs (InterPlanetary File System) support, an alternative to the Http protocol that connects the browser with a nodes connected to each other. Http instead works by connecting the browser to centralized servers. Brave recently surpassed 32 million monthly active users and now Brave Search enriches the browser that challenges the greats of the web and offers an alternative to those who want a search engine that puts privacy first.

Brave Search uses its own independent index to show the search results but, when it does not have sufficient quality, it refers to the results of Bing, the Microsoft search engine. Over time, as Brave’s crawls crawl a larger portion of the web, it should rely less on third-party results.

According to the company, transparency with users will also be maximum. There is not “No secret method or algorithm to influence the results and soon we will have open ranking models curated by the community to ensure diversity and prevent algorithmic bias and total censorship”, writes in a press release the society. Brave Search will be soon too open and helpful to feed other search engines as well.

Brave Search does not host advertisements and it is not yet clear what business model it will support itself with. Brave’s browser already blocks online advertisements by default, but the company can sell ads that users can enable in exchange for receiving small amounts of its cryptocurrency called Bat.

There are already similar search engines that don’t track users, like DuckDuckGo e Startpage. He writes Input Magazine which, however, compared to these Google has a much greater advantage in indexing the results and, consequently, “DuckDuckGo looks like a version of Google from three or four years ago. Even if you want to move away from Google so that sensitive personal information is not disclosed, doing so is difficult because the quality of Google’s search is too high “. For this reason, Brave is a difficult and exciting challenge, it will really be like this courageous to be able to be a valid alternative to the Google domain?

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