There is a new smartphone maker, a Japanese company that makes toasters

It is the Balmuda brand, which in recent years has distinguished itself for the presentation of refined and expensive accessories for the home

(Photo: Balmuda)

There’s a new name that faces the world of smartphones, comes from Japan and carries with it the nickname of “luxury producer”. Balmuda has made itself known at home for several home accessories such as toaster, but also air purifiers, humidifiers, lighting systems and sound systems and rice cookers. The next novelty in the catalog will be a mobile phone able to connect to the 5G network.

There are companies come Xiaomi which started from mobile phones and then created a real one ecosystem of devices extremely varied, ranging from household appliances to electric means of transport to gadgets such as glasses. Balmuda has taken the opposite route and is ready to jump in style thanks to the collaboration with the well-known Japanese carrier Softbank.

According to what emerges from the first details, Belmuda made use of the know-how and experience of a brand that was already a smartphone manufacturer such as Kyocera, but no details have been revealed on the particular design and functionality of the model that will be presented shortly. Likely it will focus on a sober and elegant style such as that of the household appliances of the Japanese house, which recently began to sell some of its products even on the prestigious one MoMa Design Store or the shop linked to New York Museum of Contemporary Art.

It would certainly be a breath of fresh air in a segment, that of smartphones, where a large portion of the products are completely homogeneous in terms of design. It is not clear whether smartphones will ever leave Japanese borders to also land in the West or will remain the prerogative of the home market. What is more than predictable is that the price will not be affordable at all. The aforementioned toaster is in fact found at a price of almost 300 euros.

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