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TV as a journey through time: A number of websites take you back to the TV programming of past decades.

Television has shaped, strengthened or buried many a cultural trend over the decades. Seen in this way, recordings of old television programs are also a fascinating time capsule. Today’s Netflix developer Joey Cato probably also had the idea when he first published a website in 2013 that offers the viewing experience of US television 1980s should be reproduced. A year later he repeated the same thing with them 90ern and the 70s. After a few years’ break, Cato then repeated the principle the 2000s and finally with the 60s.

Basically, the websites all work according to the same principle: a virtual television in the design of the respective decade is displayed in the browser. It then runs TV shows, series formats, advertising or news from a selected year. If you want, you can also specify which television formats should be shown – and which not. If you’re bored, just switch to another channel. However, the channels do not represent real program days, but are simply equipped with thousands of video clips from the respective decade. True linear television of that time looked different in the end, but it probably doesn’t get much closer to this experience without a lot of effort.

Nostalgic television: videos are selected by hand

The video clips that make up the virtual television program on its websites come from YouTube. Cato explained to the US publication Gizmodo that he would manually select the clips and assign them to the year they were created. New videos of old programs are added every week. In the long term, Cato wants to take on the 1950s after the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. Then the hobby project should also be over. Six decades of television recordings should be enough for most of us to feel a little nostalgic.

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