This IBM AI can predict Parkinson’s disease progression in patients

This AI from IBM can predict the course of Parkinson’s disease, to better help doctors adapt their patients’ treatments.

L’artificial intelligence proves to be very useful in a wide variety of fields. If there is one in which she is already very impressive, it is medicine, and more specifically the diagnosis. By analyzing scan results and other x-rays, algorithms can detect diseases that the human eye cannot see. Today, IBM unveils an AI to anticipate the development of the Parkinson disease.

This IBM AI can predict the course of Parkinson’s disease

Diseases can affect patients in very different ways. This means that two people can suffer from the same disease but with very different consequences. One could see it progressing more quickly than the other, etc., which means that the treatments must also be adapted according to the individuals and their particular case.

To better help doctors adapt their patients’ treatments

Today, thanks to the efforts of researchers at JBM and the Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF), a very special artificial intelligence has emerged. This can predict the course of Parkinson’s disease in patients. This means that, in the future, doctors could use this AI to better understand the progression of the disease in their patients, which would ultimately allow better management of symptoms.

According to the IBM statement, “our goal is to use artificial intelligence to help better manage patients and setting up clinical trials. These goals are important because, despite the prevalence of Parkinson’s, patients experience very different motor and non-motor symptoms. ” The AI ​​was developed with data from more than 1,400 patients, which IBM says is the “largest and most robust collection of data from Parkinson’s patients to date”.

To this day, there is still no known cure for Parkinson’s disease, but being able to predict how the disease may progress will help doctors stay one step ahead of preparing their patients for what will come.

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