This is what distinguishes Harley’s second e-motorcycle attempt from the first

The Livewire One bears a striking resemblance to the first e-motorcycle from the parent company Harley-Davidson. (Photo: Livewire)

Harley Davidson presented the first electric motorcycle from the Livewire sub-brand and discovered a new price structure. Observers doubt that that’s enough.

As announced, lays Harley Davidsons Elektromarke Livewire with a first model. This bears a striking resemblance to the first attempt to gain a foothold in the e-motorcycle market, which still appeared under the Harley label. The most serious difference lies in the pricing. The Livewire One is available for less than $ 20,000 – and almost a third cheaper than the first model.

Livewire One

The Livewire One is available in black or white. (Photo: Livewire)

Price lower but not low

The manufacturer’s first electric motorcycle, which was named like the sub-brand, still cost around $ 30,000 and, according to reports, was “like lead on the shelves”. You can almost buy a Tesla Model 3 for the money, according to prospective buyers. The price of the new approach is $ 22,000. Thanks to a government subsidy in the US, it can be reduced to below $ 20,000. Market observers see this as the right step, even if the One is still not a bargain.

Livewire One

Livewire One uses the same battery pack with a capacity of 15.5 kilowatt hours as its Harley predecessor. (Photo: Livewire)

235 kilometers range, hardly any innovations

The first model of the sub-brand not only looks like the debut, the built-in technology is also the same. The One obviously has the same battery pack with a range of 235 kilometers. The battery should have a capacity of 15.5 kilowatt hours and be fully charged in about an hour when empty. Charging at 80 percent takes around 45 minutes. Livewire did not disclose any details about the engine. Presumably a 78 kilowatt motor is working in the machine again, bringing it to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.2 seconds. The top speed would then be 177 kilometers per hour.

Online shop for a new target group

Livewire is breaking new ground in sales and is offering the motorcycle online. For now, it’s only available in the states of California, New York, and Texas. Additional states and sales channels will be added in the fall. Observers are bewildered, Harley is trying to open up new, young and urban target groups via price and digital presence. Harley boss Jochen Zeitz explained: “Today’s Livewire One is based on the DNA of Harley-Davidson, but with the electrical focus and the ambition of the new Livewire brand.” The company also needs ambition, because market leader Zero Motorcycles already offers a premium -Motorcycles in this segment, which is still cheaper. It should be in no way inferior to the One. Zero is also active worldwide and has announced a new model for next week, so skeptical voices.

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