This is what it would look like if companies did honest advertising

Monopoly is the best game for ruining friendships. (Graphic: Honest Slogans)

Advertising slogans serve to create recognition value and strengthen your own brand. But they don’t always keep what they promise.

The slogan with which a company puts itself on a show is developed by some marketing agencies, sometimes for expensive money. And in the end it is somehow meaningless, but it looks quite nice. Stay in the ear, stay in the head, or something like that.

How about if companies were just brutally honest? Would you simply show with their slogans what they really stand for or what is hidden behind their splendidly designed logo? This is exactly the question asked by the US graphic designer Clif Dickens. The result is “Honest Slogans“, A series of slogans that show what really goes on in people’s minds when they see a particular brand.

We have collected the best copies for you in a gallery. Have fun clicking through!

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